About go creations

Welcome to the future of digital solutions – where “go” isn’t just a name; it’s a verb, a movement towards an extraordinary, digital world.

Our crew is made up of passionate experts who live and breathe the art of crafting RAD websites, designing WOW graphics, and strategizing EPIC digital marketing campaigns. Whether you’re dreaming of showcasing your dreamy destination or diving into the online selling game, we’ve got you covered!

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Our Mission

Here at go creations, we don’t just settle for regular goals; we shoot for the stars with a touch of extra creativity! Our mission is to catapult your online presence into the stratosphere, leaving a trail of “Wows” and “OMGs” in its wake.

Our Values

Boundless Creativity

We thrive on pushing boundaries, turning wild ideas into reality and making the ordinary extraordinary.


Your success is our top priority. We’re dedicated to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations.


We’re talking Avengers-level of collaboration – designers, developers, you and us. Our team, your team – it’s a successful partnership that drives real results.


We take ownership of our actions, learning from mistakes and celebrating successes. Good or bad, we take it, learn from it, and make things even better.

Mutual Respect

We treat everyone with respect, creating an “all-inclusive” vibe and fostering a positive environment.

Fun & Creativity Vibes

We infuse creativity into everything we do, making work enjoyable and outcomes exceptional.


We set goals and crush ’em. With great determination we achieve measurable results.

Our People

Angelos Bolovinos
Finance & Support
Andreas Singh- Tozakos Office coordinator
Lia Armeni - Atsopardi Support Agent
Maria Giannioti Graphic & UI Designer
Christianna Chrisikou Graphic & UI Designer
Vasilis Spinoulas Front-end Developer
Stefi Papariga Back-end Developer
Dimitris Bakiris Back-end Developer
Alexis Tarantos Front-end Developer
Miltos Katsaros Front-end Developer
Nestoras Kosmidis Front-end Developer
Machos Chondrogiannis Front-end Developer
Alexis Koronakis - Aspiotis Digital Marketing Expert
Francesca Papageorgiou Digital Marketing Specialist
Dimitra Rapsomaniki Junior Digital Marketing Specialist
Louiza Parisi Sfika Graphic & UI Design
Dimitris Mavroeidis Web Development