Dell’ Acque

Premium Cocktail Street Bar
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Client Overview

Dell’ Acque is a premium cocktail street bar nestled in the heart of Corfu Town, a venue renowned for its exquisite cocktails and vibrant atmosphere.

Our mission was to design a website for Dell’ Acque that primarily centered around aesthetic appeal and design. The goal was to create a digital representation of the bar that evoked the same elegance and allure as the physical establishment.

We embarked on crafting a website that captured the essence of Dell’ Acque as a premium cocktail street bar. The design was meticulously curated to reflect the sophisticated ambiance and vibrant energy of the bar.

While the website focuses mainly on design, it does more than showcase the bar’s aesthetics. It acts as a digital portal that allows visitors to get a taste of the extraordinary cocktail experience that awaits them.

Our collaboration with Dell’ Acque celebrates their commitment to offering a premium bar experience, and our dedication to creating a digital representation that beautifully encapsulates the bar’s ambiance and appeal.

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