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Client Overview

Invictus Car Rental is a distinguished car rental service in Corfu, boasting an impressive 48 years of experience in the industry.

The Brief

Our mission was to provide a comprehensive suite of digital solutions for Invictus Car Rental. This included developing a website, crafting a distinctive logo, intergrating our online car booking engine, and implementing a strong digital marketing strategy.

Our Approach

We embarked on a multifaceted project to elevate the online presence of Invictus Car Rental. The website was meticulously designed to make vehicle rentals a seamless experience for customers, featuring hassle-free reservations.

Crafting a unique logo was essential to establish a memorable brand identity. The logo encapsulated the spirit and reliability of Invictus Car Rental.

The online car booking engine simplified the process of reserving vehicles, ensuring convenience and efficiency for customers.

A strong digital marketing strategy was implemented, targeting the right audience and enhancing the visibility of Invictus Car Rental across various online channels.

The result is a digital transformation thats treamlines car rentals and establishes a strong brand identity, increases online visibility, and broadens the client base. Our collaboration with Invictus Car Rental is a celebration of their long-standing expertise and our commitment to enhancing their digital presence for future success.

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