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Client Overview

Paleo Villas is a distinguished collection of villas and traditional houses in Corfu, each offering a unique and authentic experience.

The Brief

Our mission was to create a website for Paleo Villas that not only highlighted the allure of the resort but also showcased its diverse amenities. The objective was to craft a digital space that invited visitors to explore the distinctive charm and offerings of each villa and traditional house.

Our Approach

We set out to design a website that captured the essence of Paleo Villas as a collection of unique and traditional accommodations. The design was meticulously curated to reflect the authenticity and charm of each property.

The website featured detailed information about the resort and its amenities, allowing potential guests to gain insights into the experiences that awaited them.

The result is a website that celebrates the individuality of each villa and traditional house but also invites visitors to explore the beauty of Paleo Villas. Our collaboration with Paleo Villas is a testament to their commitment to authenticity and our dedication to creating a digital platform that beautifully represents the charm and allure of their collection.

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