The White House

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Client Overview

The White House is an award-winning Corfu restaurant. This exceptional establishment prides itself on sourcing fresh, local ingredients from Corfu and the Ionian Sea to curate a delectable culinary journey.

The Brief

Our mission was to create a website for this gourmet restaurant that showcased its exquisite food and idyllic location and provided practical features like an online table-booking system and a detailed menu. To accommodate a diverse clientele, the website was designed in three languages.

Our Approach

We embarked on designing a website that was as sumptuous as the dining experience at The White House. The site featured high-quality images of their delectable dishes, immersing visitors in a visual feast.

In addition to aesthetics, the website served as a versatile tool for patrons and event organizers alike. It incorporated an online booking system for diners to secure a table effortlessly. The extensive menu was readily accessible. Furthermore, we dedicated a section to highlight the venue’s capability to host events and gatherings, underscoring its versatility.

Recognizing their international clientele, the website was thoughtfully designed in three languages.

The result is a website that celebrates the gourmet excellence and inviting atmosphere of The White House. It is a comprehensive digital platform, simplifying reservations, offering a preview of culinary delights, and highlighting the restaurant’s capacity to host a wide array of events.

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