Street Café
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Client Overview

Barista Street Café stands as a unique and cozy haven, drawing coffee enthusiasts and café aficionados to its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Brief

Our task was to create a website that not only showcased the charm of Barista Street Café but also introduced innovative features to enhance the customer experience and loyalty.

Our Approach

We embarked on this journey by developing a website with a custom ordering system that seamlessly connects to the in-store POS (Point of Sale) system. Orders are placed online and printed directly in the café, ensuring a swift and efficient process.

Understanding the significance of customer loyalty, we introduced a features allowing patrons to earn points with every purchase, creating an incentive for return visits. We introduced a birthday tracking system enabling customers to order a free coffee on their special day, further strengthening the bond between the café and its patrons.

The end result is a website that reflects the unique charm of Barista Street Café while offering an innovative ordering system and a loyalty program.  Our collaboration with Barista Street Café has brought convenience and efficiency to their already cozy café.

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