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Client Overview

CFU Law is a prominent Corfu Law Firm emphasizing on teamwork, preparation, and a commitment to excellence. Since its founding in 1999, CFU Law has been a trusted source for legal solutions in Greece.

The Brief

Our mission was to create a website for CFU Law that emphasized design but also incorporated strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. The website needed to reflect the firm’s values, principles, and extensive legal expertise.

Our Approach

We embarked on designing a website that was not only visually striking but also optimized for strong SEO performance. The website showcased the essence of CFU Law with a design that conveyed professionalism and trustworthiness, crucial elements in the legal field.

The SEO strategy included optimizing content, meta tags, and other critical SEO elements, enhancing the visibility of CFU Law on search engines, ensuring that the firm’s online presence was easily discoverable by those seeking legal services in Greece.

The result was a website that conveyed the firm’s commitment to excellence and preparation making CFU Law a natural choice for individuals seeking legal solutions in Greece. Our collaboration was a testament to their values and our commitment to enhancing their online visibility and accessibility.

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