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Client Overview

Lavranos is a name synonymous with tradition in the world of meat. The Lavranos family’s journey with meat production has been a testament to their commitment to quality and heritage.

The Brief

Our mission was to develop an extensive e-shop for Lavranos, a platform where they could showcase and offer their premium meat and delicatessen products. We aimed to create a digital marketplace that highlighted their offerings but also engaged visitors with special offers and a taste of Corfiot culinary artistry.

Our Approach

The platform we designed provided a user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore an extensive range of meat and delicatessen products. With the inclusion of special offers, they are making sure their clients are getting the best for great value.

A highlight of the e-shop was the inclusion a collection of recipes from Corfiot chefs, , offering visitors a taste of the culinary expertise that has thrived on the island for generations.

The result is an extensive e-shop that provides a convenient platform for customers to explore, order, and savor their meat and delicatessen products. It is a digital marketplace that offers a glimpse into the rich tradition of the Lavranos family’s interaction with meat.

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