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Locar is a homegrown Corfu car rental service, deeply rooted in the local community and known for offering personalized rental solutions.

The Brief

Our mission was to provide a complete suite of digital solutions for Locar. This encompassed the creation of a full-fledged website, integration with an efficient online car reservation system, and the development of their brand identity, including their name and logo. Additionally, we undertook the responsibility of managing their digital marketing efforts, which included Google Ads and social media management.

We embarked on a multifaceted project to enhance the digital presence and overall brand of Locar. The website was designed to offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it simple for customers to access the reservation system.

Creating the brand identity involved selecting the name “Locar” and crafting a distinctive logo. This step was pivotal in establishing a memorable and locally rooted brand identity.

The online reservation system streamlines the booking process, ensuring efficiency and convenience for customers.

Our digital marketing efforts spanned Google Ads and social media management, which aimed to enhance the visibility of Locar.

Our collaboration with Locar celebrates their commitment to local service, and our dedication to optimizing their digital presence for sustainable growth.

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