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Client Overview

Town House Co offers a collection of boutique suites. These suites are located in the most distinctive areas, with authentic ambiance, rendering them a top choice for quality holidays.

The Brief

Our mission was to design a website that celebrated the unique design and character of each suite, aligning with the boutique essence of Town House Co. The website also featured a digital handbook, a comprehensive guide specially curated for guests, offering valuable insights to enhance their stay, from local recommendations to practical information.

Our Approach

We embarked on crafting a website that harmonized with the distinct design of each suite. High-quality visuals and a user-friendly layout showcased the suites at their best. The website featured a “digital handbook“, packed with practical information, local insights, and recommendations for dining, shopping, and sightseeing.

The result was a website that not only celebrated the uniqueness of Town House Co but also offered a practical resource for guests to make the most of their stay. Our collaboration with Town House Co was a tribute to their commitment to boutique hospitality and the creation of an immersive, personalized experience for their guests.

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