A Crystal World

Swarovski Authorized Reseller
E-Commerce /

Client Overview

Α Crystal World is a distinguished Swarovski Authorized Reseller, celebrated for their elegant range of Swarovski jewelry, and accessories.

The Brief

Our mission encompassed multiple facets: first, to develop an e-shop aligning seamlessly with Swarovski’s brand guidelines, and second, to manage and optimize Google Ads and Social Media Ads for enhanced online visibility.

Our Approach

To create an e-shop that resonated with Swarovski’s aesthetic, we meticulously followed their brand guidelines.

Our commitment to Α Crystal World extended to enhancing their digital presence. We spearheaded Google Ads and Social Media Ads campaigns that propelled their visibility, reaching a broader audience.

The result is an e-shop that beautifully encapsulates Swarovski’s elegance, offering a convenient platform for customers to explore these exquisite products. Our ongoing collaboration continues to expand their reach and magnify the allure of Swarovski’s jewelry and accessories in the digital landscape.

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