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Client Overview

Mythiko is a unique Greek artwork shop that celebrates the rich heritage and artistry of Greece.

The Brief

Our brief was to develop an international e-shop for Mythiko paying homage to the ancient Greek style that defines the shop’s offerings. In addition to designing the website and e-shop, we also had the privilege of creating a unique and evocative logo for the client.

We set out to create an e-shop that transcended traditional online retail, transforming into a digital gallery that honored the artistic treasures of Greece. The design paid homage to the classical aesthetic, carefully selecting visual elements that resonated with the spirit of ancient Greek art.

The e-shop offered seamless worldwide shipping to art enthusiasts across the globe. This global reach expanded the audience for Mythiko and made Greek art accessible to a diverse international clientele.

Our creative process extended to crafting a unique logo for Mythiko, capturing the essence of their brand and the timeless significance of Greek art.

Our collaboration with Mythiko was a tribute to their commitment to preserving and sharing Greek art, and our dedication to creating a digital platform that represented this rich cultural heritage while encapsulating the brand’s identity.


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